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Seared Tuna Steak & Boiled Shrimps Salad with Chilean Orange Dressing



20.00 g Mix European Lettuce

10.00 g Chilean Orange peeled and cut into small cubes

3.00 g Knorr Mise en Place Dill

25.00 g Fresh Orange Juice

1.00 g Mustard yellow

10.00 g Olive Oil

1.00 g Knorr Basillicum & Thyme

2.00 g Ginger finely grated

4.00 g Honey

2.00 g Salt very small pinch

Black Pepper crushed pepper, to taste




1. Marinate Tuna steak with the Dill Mise en Place and touch of oil.

2. Dressing: with a blender mix Chilean orange juice, mustard, black pepper, ginger, honey, salt, basil&thyme and olive oil until sauce are well combined and smooth.

3. Sear the tuna on a grill until medium cooked.

4. In a serving dish place the tuna in the middle, top it with boiled shrimps and then garnish with mix lettuce mixed with the cubes orange. Poor nicely the sauce over the lettuce and tuna.

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